January 8, 2019

Herbs & Healing Products

locally grown herbs, pesticide free herbs, wild nettle gardens

Wild Nettle Gardens is all about using nature to heal our ailments. This is not to say that we do not advocate you seeking medical advice for your condition or illness, just that we think you can find many easy fixes within nature. Herbs have been used for many thousands of years to help with health issues and also assist beauty, encourage good sleep and much more.

Apart from the traditional culinary herbs that you are probably used to, we will also be concentrating on medicinal herbs, some of which you may already use – for example, Chamomile for tea, mint, and Calendula, which is used a lot in beauty products. We will also be growing more unusual herbs like elecampane, marsh mallow, lemon verbena, echinacea and others with a view to making herbal mixes to help you with your daily health.

We will also be growing Moringa when we have some cover, and selling the capsules online. Watch this space for some exciting health alternatives to help you to feel good just to be alive.

What we are growing in 2019-


Rosemary, chamomile, mint, chives, parsley, borage, and verbena.

Calendula, echinacea, marsh mallow, elecampane, fever few, lemon grass, turmeric and ginger.

Once established, we will be producing products that may assist with your overall health…we anticipate this being in 2020.