Moving at Nature’s Pace…

At Wild Nettle Gardens we are full aware of how slowly nature can move- picture a glacier, a river running through a valley, or a slow growing tree. She just seems to take her time, as the environment around her allows.

We were hoping to be on the land this spring, and in full production by the summer but it was not to be. As of the end of November, we are still looking despite asking everyone and following up all the usual (and unusual) channels.

However, one of the issues that I and many like me suffer from is me, more, now and this could well be a lesson in the slow meandering peaceful timing of Mother Nature.

The plants are in their pots, the seeds are in their packets and I know I need to move them, and will do so in the next few weeks but I am super relaxed about it and am waiting for the opportunity to arrive so that they are best catered for.

They are in two places- you are probably familiar with the Stockton on Tees site, and this is taken in my sisters back garden – a nice sheltered spot so some things have fared better than at the other site.

It has been such a huge learning curve for me as I have pretty much lived my life by the seat of my pants, as the expression goes. And yet what.I am learning is that you really cannot hurry life when she wants to take things slowly.

I am a firm believer that if you knock on one door repeatedly and it does not open,  then it is not your door. Either there is something better waiting for you or you are at the wrong door.

Despite all the waiting, I am still convinced that the land will find me, hopefully before too much of the next season has started. If I was to look back over this year, I would say that I have made some great contacts, some good friends, and watched as the plants have grown. I have had the good fortune to visit some excellent businesses and ventures over the year and get some ideas for the project, and meet some very interesting people.

I am also aware that as the year has gone on, there seems to have been a global awakening in regards to the climate crisis and I am very happy to see this. Possibly if man kind can get behind the wonderful solutions that are being proposed, imagined, and created, then we collectively stand a chance. Time will tell. I hope it is not too little too late.

Time moves forward at her own pace.

Thank you to those who have continued to support the project, myself and my efforts. I am so eager to share the garden with you as it unfolds, and catalogue the highs with the lows. I have revised the planting schedule and looking at inheriting lots of mature fruit bushes from a fellow Northern Fruit Group member who has become a friend so thank you to Ken and Gill Haigh!

So, I will end this post as the year comes to a close, with a quick note to say I can see the birthing of this project next year and I hope that you will come along for the ride? ┬áLet me know if you have any questions – you can contact me through the website.

Hope you have a good festive season!

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