Wild Nettle Gardens Update May 2019

Wild Nettle Gardens Update May 2019

Wild Nettle Gardens Update May 2019

I was delighted to see our first ladybug this Easter on a sunny day where the plants are currently being stored in Stockton. I will be encouraging wildness into my gardens to promote a healthy eco system.

I took a video at my sister’s house where some of the plants are and another one at the storage space and spliced them together. So excited to see some tree peonies germinated and how many of the plants I brought up to the North East leafing up again….obviously not all of them, but enough to make me happy. Those that decided not to live in the North East will form the basis of the compost that will start as soon as I have found the land.

Here is the video:

So as you can see, lots of greenery and masses of of new growth, and I know what most of it is!

Today is the first of May and I realise the season is moving fast, and I think back to last year when I didn’t plant until the end of May due to the fire. So I am hoping that this year we can get going as soon as possible. I am talking to lots of people and visiting different places too, so fingers crossed, the land appears soon. I am positive it will!

I am thinking that some of the flowers that are already almost in bloom- the early peonies for example are going to be put into the earth after they have flowered, but most other bushes and so on will be planted just as soon as we can get them in.

I have applied for lots of funding so it is just now a matter of time to see if we are successful with those bids, and also am applying for mentorship, which should help with aspects of the market garden that I am so far unaware of.

Wild Nettle Gardens

I also attended the Harrogate Flower Show, volunteering at the stand of the Northern Fruit Group, and was lucky enough to be opposite the Rose Society who had this beautiful arrangement just in front of us, in fact they had many beautiful displays, but I am not sure many of the roses were grown in the UK?

Either way, they were gorgeous to look at and another display I particularly enjoyed was the Flowers from the Farm stand, which I am a member of.  I met Gill Hodgson, the founder of the group and we had a great chat about starting from scratch. So pleased to have joined the group as they are all so welcoming!

The Northern Fruit group also has proved to be a fabulous group of people and resource. I have learned so much about fruit, grafting and what does and does not grow here- apparently the honey berries will struggle to bear fruit…am still going to try!

So this update is saying that we are very keen to find the land, develop the plot and get going. I can feel the plants waking up and want nothing more than to give them a good home!

We now have 12 Patreons for the project which is exciting. Thank you to the following people for supporting us!


Greg Gardiner

Eileen Hunter

Scott Santens

Tricia Stewart Shiu

Kelly Huston

Andrea Menard

Tucker Booth

Gianpaolo Tirane




Michael Q Todd

Corinna Essa

Mira Anastasi

If you would be interested in supporting the project – go here to find out more –> https://www.patreon.com/wildnettlegardens

So it is an exciting time- literally anything could happen. As a good friend of mine said when I was saying how many no’s I had heard- “Well, you only need one yes!” So I am going forward with that in my heart.

Whatever your garden is doing, or your allotment, or field, now is the time for action! Many of us want to feed ourselves, our family, or the local community. It is a very important job! Thank you for reading this and best of luck with growing this year!

Wild Nettle Gardens May 1 2019

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