How Can You Support Wild Nettle Gardens?

Ways That You Are Able to Support Wild Nettle Gardens

Wild Nettle Gardens - healing with nature's harvest

Wild Nettle Gardens is in its’ second year as 2019 gets under way, and is a real labour of love.

The idea was born out of another project called Tree Planting Holidays that has currently been put to bed due to personal circumstances. The project had taken me to Africa- Kenya, South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Botswana, and also Australia looking for land, but an accident meant that I had to came home in 2017 and decided to begin the project here in the UK.

Last year 2018 I moved to Wales, and started what was to become Wild Nettle Gardens. You can see all the progress on this channel- Wild Nettle Gardens on YouTube 

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After the fire in Feb 2018, I decided to move to be near my sister in Darlington. I was already considering leaving the farm I was on due to lack of soil and accessibility to the project, and somehow being near family seemed a really good idea.

So I am all moved up to the North East of the UK, except my plants, and looking for land. Last year, I had a wheel barrow and a shovel, and a huge pile of manure as I went into the year, this year I have hundreds of fruit bushes, year old trees, veg and flowers, bulbs, seeds and tubers….

This is where assistance is needed.

Here Are The Ways You Can Help-

  1. If you are local, do you know of anyone who may have some Land to Rent? We are looking for around an acre of preferably flat, non flooding land, with good access to water and electricity. We would prefer land that has not had chemicals or pesticides sprayed on it for many years. We would also require public access, so it should be relatively near a good road,  for deliveries and visitors.
  2. Do you have any Equipment that you no longer need or know of a good source of second hand tools, poly tunnels, irrigation, terracotta pots, wood for building, trellising etc?
  3. Are you able to support us Financially? We have set up a Patreon account where for as little as a dollar a month, you are able to show your support for the project. To donate via Patreon, go here- Wild Nettle Gardens on Patreon. You are also able to make donations via Paypal if you would prefer to – here is the link – Or you can contact us for our bank details if you prefer that.
  4. Would you like to Get Involved in the project? We are currently looking for partners, volunteers, fundraisers, and event organisers. Use the contact form to show your interest in the project.
  5. Do you have a couple of hours spare a week and you could help with our Social Media?
  6. Spread the Word! Please tell your friends about us!

Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to read about the project. If you know of any funding bodies, or individuals that may be worth connecting with, please do put us in touch.

Thank you and it is so exciting watching this go from my head to reality! Really could not be doing it without the support and generosity of friends, family, strangers and collaborators. I am eternally grateful and hope you are enjoying it coming to fruition?

locally grown, flower farm, wild nettle gardens,






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