Wild Nettle Gardens Has a YouTube Channel!

Wild Nettle Gardens has a YouTube Channel!

Wild Nettle Gardens- Healing with Nature's Harvest

Find us on YouTube here – Wild Nettle Gardens


It was a hard decision to make because some of the videos, which were posted on my usual channel had some good viewing figures- one had over a thousand views. However, I decided that people who like gardening videos are not necessarily going to like the other topics that I address on my channel.

So I spent a very laborious day deleting the videos from the old channel and transferring them across to the new channel.  Within an hour, I had 2 views which was very heartening and I know over time, people should find them again.

One of the key words that was popular was Moringa, and we are very excited about growing this- for our own consumption and hopefully to market commercially in the next few seasons. In order to do this, we will need a poly tunnel as now I am in the North East, the irony is I need to protect them this time from the cold.  However, having lost one batch to fire, and then one batch to substantial rain, we can see that we need to protect the third batch which is due to be planted in the spring of 2019.

We are currently looking for land to farm in and around Darlington. Our aim is to be up and running by the spring, and of course, we have started this Youtube channel so that we are able to post plenty of videos about what we are doing. We have learned so much from all the other generous Youtubers who have made masses of helpful videos – my biggest take away has been help others as you learn and also always credit someone when you have learned from them.

I would like to thank – Curtis Stone, Eliot Coleman, Jena Michel Fortier, Charles Dowding, Huw Richards, and many many more that have influenced the way that we want to grow this project and help others at the same time.

There are also many people who have contributed plants to my collection, so this seems a good place to thank then! Clare Adamson, Bethan Walters, Sue Taylor, Gaynor, Nicholas, Heartwood Community, Lee Archer, Penny Walker, Kay Davies, Aberglasny Gardens, Jan and Graham Jennings and probably many others. Thank you all!

So if you are interested in finding out about how this project developed from a good idea into a project that can help many people, this YouTube channel will help you to chart the progress!



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