Why Buy British Flowers?

Why Is It Important to Buy British Flowers?

Fresh local flowers, local flowers

There are many valid reasons to source British flowers locally and these include:

  1. Over 90% of the flowers bought and sold in the UK are imported from Holland, Kenya, countries in South America and this was not the case less than 50 years ago in the UK.
  2. The 90% of flowers that are grown abroad, are grown to withstand the long flights or the journey to our shores, and this has a direct impact on the fragrance of the flowers. Longevity is preferred over fragrance and to add to this, you are unsure how many days have passed between the flower being cut and you taking it home.
  3. Flower miles- most local flower growers are selling their product within a small distance of where they grow – which means that environmentally they are causing less issues than flowers that arrive from Africa, or South America.
  4. Fragrance- local flowers that were picked yesterday or today smell glorious! Your home can be filled with smells that remind you of afternoons spent playing in the garden, or walking in the fields….
  5. Longevity- flowers that are picked in the last 24-48 hours should have a longer life in your home.
  6. Variety- some flowers do not travel well so you may not find them at the florist- these can include poppies, peonies, and many other delicate and beautiful flowers. The advantage of growing locally is that these flowers can be more readily available.
  7. By buying locally grown flowers, you are supporting a local business and that is always a good idea.

Wild Nettle Gardens is setting up to provide locally grown flowers, fruit, herbs, veg and salad in the Darlington area. If you have any questions, or would like to get involved, please go to the Contact section of the front page.



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