Being a Gardener Means Being An Optimist!

Being a Gardener Means Being An Optimist!

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All of the food pictured above began at one time as a very very small seed. Each seed held all the information necessary to germinate, grow into a plant and then to produce food. Whilst the grower’s job is the provide the necessary environment for growth, mother nature pretty much does the rest.

For any one who has ever grown a sunflower, the small seed germinates and grows into a tall plant, towering up to 8 feet tall and providing many sunflower seeds to eat, or to save, or to feed the birds. Seeds are found in nature in a number of different forms- some are nuts, some seeds that fly on the wind, some fall onto the ground, and some are eaten by birds…and carried far and wide.

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However the seeds are carried or dropped, they each contain exactly what they need to grow into sometimes massive trees, shrubs or flowers. They need food, water and sunshine, and preferably not too much competition.

For the gardener, either with years of experience, or a complete beginner, this part of the year can be the most exciting. It’s the time when the seed packets are bought out and planning can begin. One of my favourite pastimes is to take a look through the box of seeds I have collected and imagine the garden growing!

Healing with Nature's Harvest

As a complete novice last year, I have to admit that I took some gambles that did not pay off at all. What I mean by that, is I did not pay attention to the instructions on the back of the packet, and for the most part it worked. Where I had zero or very little germination, I can see now that I needed to help the seed by creating the environment that it needs to best germinate. This could be cold, or warmth, or good drainage. Suffice to say, hindsight is usually 20-20 and with a whole year of experience under my belt, I am hoping to do better this year!

Being a Gardener Means Being An Optimist!

One of the wonderful things about people that like to grow plants, food and flowers is that they love to share. I have been very generously supplied with seeds, plants and cuttings as I start my project, especially having lost my entire stock in the fire, and I am very grateful. Some of them have done extremely well for me.

Some of them were many years old, and I still planted them. Not all of them germinated, but some did…not many to be fair, but enough to make me hope that some holly hock seeds that I was given by a dear friend which are happily labelled 1986 may even give me a few plants. I have seen those stories of the ice man who was discovered in the Alps with a grain on his shoes that was planted, and grew, so I am convinced that maybe a few of the many seeds I have from the eighties will bloom. Well I can at least hope.

Beautiful gardens are wonderful havens for wildlife, and also places of healing for us humans and offer great contrast to the bustle of daily life. Often we buy a small tree or in my case recently lots of peonies, and they will produce flowers for decades to come if given what they need to flourish.

This is what gardening can be. Not only do gardens look great, provide food, habitat and shelter for wildlife, they also establish themselves over time and provide joy for many generations if looked after with love.

Being a gardener is being an optimist- looking forward to what the garden will bring you this year- fruit, flowers, some where to sit on a warm night, with friends, or alone…

I cannot wait to start the project, and get all the plants into the ground to grow and flourish over many years – to be beautiful, productive, nourishing and healing, and most of all providing for humans, wildlife and eventually the planet by sequestering carbon and providing us what we need.

Hope. That is what the gardener has at the beginning of the year. And excitement. I have both in reims!

Thank you for reading this and please get in touch if you are interested in helping out in any way.

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